Healthy Vegan Friday #8

Healthy Vegan Fridays

Not only is today Healthy Vegan Friday, but it’s also sales-tax-free day! I actually despise shopping, but I don’t mind shopping online when I need something (since it doesn’t require me to leave my house nor interact with other humans). Keep in mind that it only applies to purchases that are under $100, so don’t get all excited thinking you’re in Portland and buy yourself a new macbook air. The sales-tax-free thing should be going on all weekend. Another exciting thing about this week is that it just so happened to be the birthday of my Healthy Vegan Fridays co-host Kimmy! Happy Birthday Kimmy!!! (If that was a secret, I’ll let you punish me later ; )

If you’re new to Healthy Vegan Fridays, read all about it here.

Healthy Vegan Fridays Badge

Who’s ready to hear which recipes you loved the most last week?

winner #1: Cucumber Kimchi from House Vegan

House Vegan is such a cute name, and not just because it sounds like vegandollhouse, but more because it reminds me of a house cat. It’s like saying I’m an indoor vegan, which I am, except for when people force me to leave my house.

winner #2: Oat Steaks from Delicioso

I think I’m still too scarred by a bad experience with oatmilk to give this a try just yet, but as soon as I’m over that, it’ll be oat steaks for everyone!

winner #3: Vegan Chocolate Pudding Cake with Salted Caramel Sauce from Happy Healthy Holy Home

This was my favorite recipe of the week! Maybe it’s because all the birthday girls in my life have been requesting non-chocolate desserts (which if you know me, you know that I basically don’t even consider it a dessert if there isn’t chocolate involved), or maybe it’s because this happy healthy holy chick is brilliant, but these look amazing! See for yourself!

The recipe I’m submitting this week is the Lemony Snicket cupcakes I made for Mia’s birthday (birthdays, birthdays, everywhere). They may not be the healthiest recipe in the world, but each cupcake has the equivalent of about a third of a lemon (including the peel!). If my math is correct, that means each cupcake has about 21% of our daily recommended value of vitamin C–how’s that for healthy? And since it’s birthday season, every recipe I submit will probably be birthday desserts until the end of summer, so if you think I’m bringing HVF to the darkside, I welcome comments below putting me in my place.

Lemon Cupcakes and Vegan Raspberry Frosting

I can’t wait to see what healthy vegan recipes you all have. Please use the link below to submit one. And if you have a twitter or instagram account, post a picture of your yummy healthy vegan friday food and tag it with the hashtag #veganfridays.

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