Just another Rilakkuma store in Japan

Since Osaka is fairly close to Nara, it was an easy stop for dinner before heading back to Kyoto for the night. We walked around until it was time for dinner. This plant nursery was painted so cute. I feel like it could be in Berkeley.

Plant nursery in Osaka, Japan

I tried to go to Alice in FantasyLand, but they didn’t have anything on the menu that was vegan, and I would have just ordered a drink, but the staff said it would cost 2,000 yen just to sit down, so I figured I’d rather spend the money on something cute to bring home and enjoy longer. I took some pictures though.

Alice in FantasyLand

When you go inside, you see optical illusions and can’t tell how to actually enter the restaurant. It reminds me of a speakeasy.

entrance to Alice in FantasyLand

It took us awhile to learn that the picture of the door in the giant storybook is the actual door to get inside.

door to Alice in FantasyLand

I think the train during rush hour in Osaka could be the busiest of all the trains I was on in Japan.

Osaka train at rush hour

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

This restaurant was soooooo good. I wish I could have eaten here again.

One of the things I liked about eating out in Japan that I think we should do in all countries is many gave you a bell to ring to call them over when you were ready to order. So smart! This one at this restaurant came in a cute disguised box.

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

While we waited for our food, the waitress brought out charcuterie for us to taste some of the menu items. If she had brought it out before I ordered, I would have definitely got the soymeat. It was sooo good. All the tofu and soymeat in Japan tasted so much better than the U.S.

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

David’s salad had a carrot butterfly in it!

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

My risotto was boring looking but delicious.

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

The soft serve ice cream was delicous but it had granola instead of cereal. Not a fan. I prefer the way Tokyo puts cereal in the ice cream.

Casa de Comidas La Paprika

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