easy vegan chocolate marshmallow sheet cake with pastel buttercream frosting

Vegan Marshmallow Peeps Cake

easy vegan chocolate cake, filled with vegan marshmallows, and decorated to look like pastel marshmallow easter peeps

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stack of mini colored burritos

Colored Tortillas

homemade tortillas are easy, vegan, and healthier

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pastel Easter bunny lollipops

Bunny Lollipops

pastel Easter bunny lollipops made with cereal, vegan marshmallows, and all-natural food coloring

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vegan chocolate peanut butter tacocat cake

Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Tacocat Cake

This vegan chocolate peanut butter cake tastes like Reese's Pieces and looks like tacocat from exploding kittens.

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vegan mint chocolate shake

Vegan Mint Chocolate Shake

This frosty mint milkshake is organic and naturally colored green, making it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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rainbow sushi cake

Vegan Sushi Cake

If you like vegan sushi, but you don’t like seaweed, then this rainbow layered sushi cake is perfect for you. It tastes just like sushi, but it’s prettier.

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a plate of sauerkraut hummus with carrots and pretzels

Vegan Hummus Recipe

Making your own hummus is quick, easy, and completely customizable, as proven by this sauerkraut and dill flavored hummus.

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watermelon radish salad

Watermelon Radish Salad

heart-shaped watermelon radishes turn this salad from boring to adoring

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3D sprinkle rattle cookies with a stained glass window

Vegan Stained Glass Cookie

These heart shaped pink and black vegan cookies feature dark chocolate and pink sugar cookies sandwiched together to form a 3D sprinkle rattle cookie with a stained glass window that lets you peek at the pink and white sprinkles inside.

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