Delta Airlines Vegan Meals

Delta menu

I know Delta Airlines has a bad rep. However, they have some positives too. 1. USB outlets at every seat 2. Free movies (at least on cross-continental flights) 3. Free flight when you apply for their credit card 4. Vegan meal option (for free!) on cross country flights

It took way more research than any one person should have to do on slow af airline wifi to determine if any of the free meals served on Delta Airlines flights are vegan. So, I was determined to write this post to save the rest of the traveling vegans from enduring the same painstaking research burnout that I underwent.

Here is the menu they have in the seat pocket. delta airlines food menu

From first glance, I guessed the Luvo Harissa Roasted Veggie Wrap could be vegan, but you can never tell what people will sneak into shit, so I wasn’t about to eat it without confirming. After what felt like forever, I finally was able to find the ingredients list online.

ingredients list for the Luvo Harissa Roasted Veggie Wrap on delta flights

And for anyone who cares (not me), here are the nutrition facts as well.

nutrition facts for the Luvo Harissa Roasted Veggie Wrap on delta flights


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