vegan trans flag heart ravioli

Vegan Trans Pride Ravioli

homemade vegan ravioli inspired by the trans flag for LGBTQ+ pride month

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vegan loquat lemon cake

Vegan Loquat Cake

Organic vegan loquat cake with a lemon curd filling and lemon buttercream frosting

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vegan rainbow bread

Vegan Rainbow Bread: Two Ways

This recipe shows how to make vegan rainbow bread 2 ways: a natural version using superfoods for color and a more vibrant version using food coloring.

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vegan mini rainbow ice cream cakes

Mini Vegan Rainbow Ice Cream Cakes

Mini rainbow ice cream cakes made with vegan vanilla and lemon ice cream

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colored burger buns

Vegan Burger Buns

Naturally colored burger buns are a cute and healthy way to make dinner more fun

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bowl of steel cut oatmeal with hello kitty chocolates and blueberries

Vegan Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats: Two Ways

steel cut oatmeal is a healthy and easy breakfast idea for anyone with an instant pot

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savory vegan scones

Vegan Savory Scones

These savory scones are so versatile that they can be made any flavor in under 40 minutes.

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mini field roast corn dogs

Finding Your Vegan Essentials Without Leaving Home

A list of places where you can order vegan staples to avoid going to the grocery store during sheltering-in-place

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vegan coffee creamer

Vegan Coffee Creamer

It’s easy to make your own coffee creamer at home, and it’s healthier.

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