galaxy smoothie bowl next to a package of terrasoul acai

Results From My Acai Experiment To Combat Evil PMS

A diary of my experience using acai for my PMS symptoms

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vegan sandwich made with naturally colored green bread

My Favorite Vegan (and cruelty-free) Food Coloring

An ongoing list of all the vegan and cruelty-free food coloring I know about

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tofu stacked to look like jenga

Teriyaki Tofu

gluten-free, vegan teriyaki tofu stacked in a jenga style for parties or potlucks

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vegan heart-shaped mounds candy

Vegan Valentine’s Chocolate

This veganized organic version of mounds candy is heart shaped, making it the perfect valentine chocolate for someone you like.

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vegan mac n cheese kit wrapped in a furoshiki

Vegan Gift Idea

vegan shells and cheese kit wrapped in a furoshiki

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mint chocolate bark with candy and sprinkles

Vegan Peppermint Bark

organic, vegan, mint chocolate bark with sprinkles

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Spaghetti Carrot Squid in a sea of teal cashew cream sauce

Watchmen Squid

If it rained spaghetti and carrot squid, I would be a happy (and well-fed) camper.

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Mini Vegan Coconut Key Lime Pies

Mini Vegan Coconut Key Lime Pies

These mini vegan coconut key lime pies are easy to make, low in sugar, and naturally colored with spinach.

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hello kitty sandwiches

An Honest Review of Two Exciting New Cookbooks

I made a recipe from each cookbook and give my opinion on the cookbooks based on that.

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