Happy Birthday Millennium!

watermelon radish appetizer

Millennium is by far the best vegan restaurant in northern California, so needless to say, I dine there us much as possible. I’ve been to quite a few events that they have including the southern comfort annual dinner and the winemaker’s events. Tonight’s event was nothing like those, but I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

Most of the tables were cleared out and instead of being seated upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of prosecco and noticed that everyone was walking or standing around mingling. Food was being both passed around as well as offered on buffet tables for you to help yourself. It was more like attending a cocktail party than dining out.

David holding his mini plate

There was a band playing in the corner, and I think I would categorize the style of music as bluegrass.

Millennium birthday party

I didn’t take pictures of all the food, and I will apologize in advance for the horrible quality of the pictures, but there’s a reason why I’ve never done a blog post on my meals at Millenium before. The lighting in there is romantic and not conducive to food photography.

The crusted trumpet mushrooms are my favorite appetizer on their menu, and I order them EVERY single time I go.

trumpet mushrooms

There were 3 kinds of pâté: red pepper, pecan-mushroom, and chard.


Surprisingly, the chard pâté tasted the best, even though it looked the worst.


There were toppings for bruschetta which included an eggplant one, a white bean and fennel one, and an olive one.

bruschetta toppings

The olive one was the best.


Some of the items being passed were their famous BBQ glazed tempeh, spicy tofu, marinated mushrooms, gazpacho, and black bean torte. Look how cute the black bean tortes are!

black bean tart

There were two other notably cute items. One was similar to a summer pizza.

Here’s a closeup.

summer pizza

And the other was a slice of watermelon radish with a cashew cheese on top.

watermelon radish appetizer

There were also two kinds of salads which I didn’t partake in because I was getting really full. One was lentil and the other was quinoa. But I did manage to make room for half of a butternut squash pekora.

butternut squash pekoras

Then for dessert, there were mini cupcakes that tasted like piña colada, their famous midnight chocolate pie (sorry no picture this time, but since I order this every time I go, I can dig up a picture from my archives if need), and a lemon bar.

tropical cupcake

lemon bar

The highlight of the night just so happened to fall during dessert time…a cream puff! The pastry part of the cream puff tasted right on, but unfortunately, the cream part still didn’t taste like a traditional cream puff. It was the closest vegan eclair/cream puff filling I have had so far, but it tasted too much like cashews unfortunately.

vegan cream puffs

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