Unicorn Birthday 2015

I love birthdays!

2015 was a big birthday for me, so I wanted to make sure I did something different so I would remember it forever. The answer was obvious. Ride a unicorn. And nobody wants to ride a unicorn alone, so I coerced some friends to ride unicorns with me.

Here we are walking from Pam’s house to the Zeum Museum.

kawaii birthday

We thought my dress might be floofy enough to hide everyone behind it, so of course, the theory had to be tested.

kawaii birthday party

Is this the unicorn I get to ride?


I thought I would have to drag them kicking and screaming into this adventure, but there was no kicking, and only some minor yelping (which may have come from me), but I still got to drag them.

follow the leader kawaii

Unicorns aren’t really meant to have people riding on them, so we gave them a little break while Jessica perfected her heart-hands.


Mia and her unicorn decided to sing a duet.

Mia Case

Aren’t Jocelyn and her unicorn so photogenic?


Awwww…Pamela ended up making friends with her unicorn.


Mia’s unicorn must have given her superpowers so she was able to ride with no hands and not fall off!

Mia, Josipa, and Pamela



Jessica, Robin, and Jocelyn

Vegan Dollhouse Kawaii birthday

Just so you don’t think I’m a speciesist, the carousel had horses too.


Thanks to Mel for taking pictures of us on the carousel!

As if riding unicorns wasn’t enough to make the best birthday ever, but when we got back to Pam’s house, I realized that they surprised me with THE CUTEST tea party in the entire world.

Vegan tea party

Vegan tea party

vegan tea party

vegan tea party


vegan heart tea sandwiches

vegan tea party food

Vegan My Melody cupcake


Birthday girl



My Melody Vegan Cupcakes

Vegan Dollhouse Kawaii Birthday

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