Vegan Hot Fudge Sundaes

vegan cookie ice cream sundae

The last time I made these, I couldn’t share the pictures with the world because the cookie bowls ended up looking like the hunchcookie of vegan dollhouse. They were not attractive. Or as the book Wonder that Isabelle has been reading to me says, “The universe was not kind to those cookie bowls.”

This time, I used the knowledge I gained from my disastrous experience, even though it goes completely against all of my personal beliefs. That important life lesson was that less is more.

Let me backtrack for one sec. I happened to have had a 40% off coupon for Michaels, which is the only reason I own this item that is basically only good for one purpose (although I will make it my mission to use for at least 3 other things so I don’t feel like I’m sacrificing my precious kitchen space for little reason). If you don’t already have this cookie bowl making pan made by Wilton, you can probably drape your cookie dough over the back of a cupcake or muffin pan and get a similar result.

picture of wilton pan

So, this time, instead of molding the cookie dough all the way to the base of the cookie bowl sheet, I experimented with different levels of “using less” cookie dough.

making vegan cookie bowls

Even though I tried to be so modest with the cookie dough, some of them still ended up a bit monstrous (I’m looking at you, cookie bowl in the lower right corner).

baked vegan cookie bowls

I also think that next time, I might try using the cookie recipe without the mini chocolate chips, and pressing the chips into just the sides since my cookie bowls tended to want to act like little rocking chairs (rocking bowls?) once they were filled and asked to sit still and be good.

This is an extremely important part of making ice cream sundaes…always use Steve’s Ice Cream. I’m so serious! I cannot stress this enough. If you’re vegan, and you like ice cream, please try this. It is the bomb! And I don’t even say that…like ever. But this ice cream makes me want to use words I never use. It’s that hella good.

Steve's vegan ice cream

The part you can’t actually see in the pictures is the hot fudge I use. I know you can make your hot fudge yourself, but there just aren’t enough hours in every day for me to make everything from scratch. Also, when I make my own, it doesn’t come in this jar with the adorable melted chocolate wax lid.

Coop's vegan hot fudge

I make my own whipped cream out of coconut cream, because I think all the vegan whipped creams on the market currently suck, but I’m sooooo excited about So Delicious coming out with cool whip next month. If you ever need to make whipped cream, there’s a recipe here.

vegan cookie ice cream sundae

The maraschino cherries from Tillen Farms are AMAZING! I usually don’t buy them because who the hell knows what is in most of them, but these ones from Tillen are clean, natural, and taste soooo good.

vegan ice cream sundaes in chocolate chip cookie bowls

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