South Bay Vegan Drinks June2015

Southbay Vegan Drinks

South Bay Vegan Drinks June 2015

June 25 was my 2nd month hosting South Bay Vegan Drinks, and it was sooooo fun!!!

The new venue (The Fountainhead Bar) is super cute inside, and the craft cocktails are delicious!

The Fountainhead Bar

The sweet and savory cones by Raw Daddy’s were perfect in every way - cute, delicious, gluten-free, and vegan.

Here’s a picture of the menus I made with the drink specials for this month.

South Bay Vegan Drinks craft cocktail menu

Here’s me having the Reuben cone.

Vegan Dollhouse with a Raw Daddy's Reuben cone

This is The Prairie with passion fruit and garnished with fresh mint.

the Prairie at Fountainhead Bar

I even made cupcakes and brought them.

Vegan cupcakes

Nicole and Lulu were one of the first to arrive!

Nicole and Lulu and me!

Amit, Brad, Sarah, and Ruben

Amit, Brad, Sarah, and Ruben

Lizzy, Andrew, and Elsa

Lizzy, Andrew, and Elsa

A pano of everyone who stayed late.

South Bay Vegan Drinks June 2015

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