Vegan Prom

San Francisco Vegan Prom

Prom is only 2 months away, and I realized that I never even posted anything about it here. For those of you who read my blog, you know how good (bad) I am about updating it, so this should come as no surprise.

I’m quite lucky to be on the vegan prom committee considering I have zero prom experience never having attended one, myself (unless that one time I dressed as a zombie and crashed my friend Laura’s sister’s prom counts).

One of the reasons I was excited to start a vegan prom in SF is that I never went to my own prom. Another reason is because…are you sitting down? IT’S ALICE IN VEGAN WONDERLAND THEMED!!!!! It’s as if someone created the perfect event just for me!

If you read my blog, you might be into some of the things I’m into, which might mean that you’re partially excited about this too. So, if you are, let me know about it!

You can find out everything you’ve ever wanted to know about on the website. Tickets are already on sale, and they’re a great deal, considering you get free food and drinks once you’re there. AND all of the proceeds benefit The Humane League!

If you decide to come, let me know so I can kiss your cute face! And probably dance together. And take pictures together. Okayyy..sappiness ending now.

San Francisco Vegan Prom

The elegant vegan wrote the sweetest blog post about the vegan prom. Read it here.

And here’s a picture we managed to sneak in before opening the doors to the line that was rapidly forming outside the door.

The promettes at Vegan Prom

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