Unbleached Cheesecloth

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6 PCS 20x20 Inch Hemmed Cheesecloth, Grade 100, 100% Unbleached Cotton Fabric Ultra Fine Reusable Muslin Cloth for Straining, Cooking, Baking, Home

🧀🥛【WELL HEMMED CHEESECLOTH】Compared with traditional cheesecloth, you don’t need to worry about many small threads may end up in foods, because the hemmed edge of cheesecloth is precisely sewn by our professional craftsmen. The seams won’t burst and exceptionally durable to be really pure and clean food grade.

🧀🥛【FINE MESH CHEESECLOTH】 Due to tight-weave mesh, it can filter more impurities and work efficiently.

🧀🥛【100% UNBLEACHED COTTON】Our cheesecloth is made of 100% natural pure organic cotton, never been dyed or bleached. It’s safe and healthy to use and there is no color will dye over the cheese, yogurt, turkey or any other foods.

🧀🥛【HIGHEST QUALITY & LINT FREE】Only pure cotton is used with in our cheesecloth. That means you will never get recycled fibers or other impurities in the cloth, so you can use with complete confidence.

🧀🥛【HOUSEHOLD MULTI-FUNCTIONAL】It could be used for making and wrapping homemade cheese. It is used as Greek yogurt or butter, almond milk or nut milk, fruit juice. Furthermore, more impurities will be filtered out when you filter cold brew coffee or homemade beer wort, honey and etc.

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