Recycled Aluminum Foil

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If You Care 100% Recycled Aluminum Foil - 50 FT

LESS MESS: Comes as a pack of one 50 sq. ft. roll of Aluminum Wrap. Use as a liner on pots, pans, and trays when cooking or baking for less mess and quicker cleanup.

BETTER PRODUCTION: Traditional tin foil manufacturing is a power-intensive process, but ours uses 95% less energy to produce. Because there is no need to mine, our production creates less waste, while reusing a precious resource.

KEEPS FOOD FRESH: Best for baking, wrapping leftovers, and keeping items in the freezer. It protects food against light, oxygen, and humidity. Not recommended for use with acidic or fatty foods.

100% RECYCLABLE: If You Care Aluminum Foil Wrap can be recycled again, provided that your local recycling center accepts aluminum foil.

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