Wilton Large Open Star Tip 6B

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Restaurantware Pastry Tek Piping Tip 1 Open Star Decorating Tip - #6B Dent-Resistant Stainless Steel Icing Tip Dishwasher-Safe Decorate Cupcakes Cakes or Cookies

ENDLESS DECORATING OPTIONS: Effortlessly create beautiful lettering, ribbons, borders, flowers, and other eye-catching details with our large assortment of cake decorating tips. Sold individually.

STAINLESS STEEL CONSTRUCTION: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, this cake decorating tip is conveniently reusable, long-lasting, and corrosion-resistant. Easy to clean & dishwasher-safe!

OPEN STAR TIP DESIGN: Featuring an open star design, this icing tip makes it simple to produce stunning swirls, beautiful rosettes, textured ruffles, dynamic borders, shells, gems, stars, and more!

PERFECT SIZE: Each of these frosting decorating tips measures 1.2 inches wide and 1.7 inches tall. Conveniently fits most disposable and reusable piping bags!

IDEAL FOR BAKERIES, CATERERS, AND HOME CHEFS: Add a touch of flair to your cakes and cupcakes with our selection of stainless steel icing tips. Instantly makes any dessert look like a specialty treat!

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