4th of July 2017

Vegan picnic food

Fourth of July is awesome for only 3 reasons.

  1. A day off work
  2. Fireworks
  3. Star shaped everything

I think Red, White, and Blue look horrible together, so I refuse to ruin a perfectly good day off of work by waving flags, wearing anything red, white, and blue, or singing the star spangled banner (especially because I sing it every other morning of the year, so it’s lost its meaning for me…haha…kiddinnnnng).

However, stars, on the other hand, are the bestest! Thank you Betsy Ross! (Wait, Betsy is the one who designed the american flag, right? Or was that another lie that public school american history classes told me?)

star-shaped vegan tea sandwiches

I made the tea sandwiches with sprouted wheat bread and a cookie cutter, topped with kite hill chive cream cheese, cucumber slices (I used my kitchen scissors to trim the excess after layering them on), sprouts, and capers.

Another thing I think of when I think of mid-summer is those colorful pinwheels that you blow on to make them spin around. I don’t know if all countries have these toys, but I feel like nobody is too old for pinwheels.

vegan sausage crescent roll pinwheels

The pinwheels were made with Annie’s crescent rolls, field roast breakfast sausages, and bamboo skewers. Here’s a video showing how I made them.

Mia brought over a super colorful veggie tray…

rainbow veggies

… and we made hibiscus lemonade cocktails with some hibiscus powder I picked up at Rainbow Grocery.

hibiscus lemonade spritzers

How do others who are maybe equally unproud of their country celebrate their day off work?


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