Gingerbread Ice Cream Truck

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kawaii pastel gingerbread ice cream truck

Are you ready to level up your gingerbread sculpting? Bored of building gingerbread houses year after year? Then this gingerbread truck is just what you’ve been looking for.

This 30-page ebook is the very first ebook I’ve ever written!!! Here is everything it includes.

  • a list of supplies needed, including alternatives for things you might not have
  • a list of ingredients you’ll need, including alternatives for things you might not have
  • vegan recipes for gingerbread, decorating icing, and the glue that holds it together
  • templates for all the pieces you’ll need to cut from your gingerbread dough
  • instructions for making the gingerbread, cutting out all the pieces, and baking them
  • instructions for how to make the decorating icing and how to decorate each piece using the icing
  • instructions for assembling the truck, including pictures
  • options for certain steps to be easier or more challenging, depending on your skill level
  • a link to a private youtube video walking you through the process

This project is fun to do with family, friends, or even by yourself. You can work on it during a long holiday weekend or in the evenings after it gets dark. The pattern and instructions are versatile, so you can reuse them for future years. This is especially useful if you want to make different kinds of trucks. I’ve used this pattern to make a water truck for a friend, but my ice cream truck is by far my favorite.

You can even put a boba cup on top and make it into a boba truck.

boba truck

At only $2, this ebook is a low-risk purchase, but if you have any questions about it before you buy it, feel free to email me.

How To Buy This Ebook

To purchase this ebook, venmo $2 to me at @vegandollhouse and use the book emoji. Once you’ve sent the payment, please email me your venmo name, and I will send you the ebook right away.

If you don’t have venmo, you can use paypal (I’m @vegandollhouse there too). If you use paypal, make sure you send the payment using the friends and family method. If you refuse to call me your friend (so mean, haha), the price will be $3 to cover the paypal fees.

ice cream truck

If you’re looking for a unique gingerbread project that’s even more challenging, you might like my gingerbread carousel.


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My ice cream truck was in the downtown Sunnyvale mini gingerbread village on display at the Sunnyvale library in December 2022.

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