Best Vegan Desserts in Seattle, WA (organized by type)

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vegan rainbow glitter doughnut from Dough Joy

Here’s a list of vegan desserts you can find in Seattle.

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I’m a pacific northwest native who has family in Oregon and a partner with an office in Seattle. So, I go on a road trip from California to Seattle pretty much every summer. And I stay in a hotel, so I do zero cooking when I’m there. (We always stay at the Hyatt Regency Seattle in Denny triangle. They have vegan and cruelty-free toiletries.)

This gives me a perfect opportunity to try all the delicious vegan food and sweet treats that Seattle has to offer. I joke that other people were born with a sweet tooth, and I was born with 20 sweet teeth. Given these intense sweet cravings, I’m always seeking out new plant-based goodies and vegan treats.

I hope that this list will help you find something yummy too.


This list of delicious bakeries includes all-vegan bakeries and omni bakeries that have vegan options.

Lazy Cow Bakery

the dessert case at Lazy Cow bakery

Lazy Cow Bakery is an all vegan bakery located in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. I went here for my first time with Jess Flowers (@wildveganflower on IG). Because it was evening when we went, the selection was a bit barren at that point. There was still a good variety of croissants and some spiced apple cake. It’s supposed to be a good place to order a vegan birthday cake, but I haven’t done that.

Lazy Cow Bakery works with Casa del Xolo, a Latinx mutual aid organization that responds to the needs of the community. Inside the bakery, they have a free community fridge & food pantry!


Cinnaholic is an all-vegan cinnamon roll bakery. I’m basically an expert on Cinnaholic because the very first location ever was in Berkeley before they started a franchise. It’s like a froyo shop in that you can pick your toppings that go on the cinnamon roll. Some toppings include pieces of oreo cookies, mini chocolate chips, and little pieces of chocolate chip cookie dough.

The Flora Bakehouse


The Flora Bakehouse is an omni spot that has a decent selection of baked goods. They have a few savory items, in case you think you need to eat real food before having dessert. There are some vegan baked desserts and even a vegan and gluten-free option. The 4 options they had when I was there in 2023 were cinnamon rolls, frosted chocolate brownies, apple streusel muffins, and coconut cake.

They also have patio seating on the roof, which as a covid-conscious individual, I really appreciate.

the rooftop seating at The Flora Bakehouse

Cinnamon Works

Cinnamon Works isn’t an all vegan bakery. It’s not an all gluten-free bakery. But it does have vegan baked goods and gluten-free treats.

It’s located in Pike Place Market, and therefore they have limited hours (closed on Tuesdays, opens late on Wednesdays, etc). Check the hours before you make the trek there. They have vegan muffins, vegan cookies, and vegan cinnamon rolls.

Dahlia Bakery

Dahlia Bakery is a vegan-friendly bakery that has mostly omni options. One of the vegan options is a vegan mochi donut, which is hard to find vegan, in my opinion. They also have a flourless, vegan carrot almond coconut cake and a vegan PB Choc Ganache sandwich cookie.

I might not go out of my way to go here, but it was only a short walk from my hotel. If you’re in the area, check it out. Otherwise, skip it.

Reo Raw Bakery

Reo Raw Bakery doesn’t have a storefront. You go to their instagram page, look at the menu highlight, and then DM them to place your order. Then they either deliver it or you pick it up from a location that I think is just outside of Seattle.

All of the desserts are raw, so they’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and sugar-free. They have some really gorgeous looking raw vegan cakes, along with some cute smaller options.

Brown Sugar Baking Company

Like Reo Raw Bakery, Brown Sugar Baking Company only fulfills special orders. Everything they make is 100% Peanut and Nut, GMO, Dairy, and Egg Free. They also accomodate gluten-free requests. Orders should be placed 1-2 weeks in advance.

Simply Amazing Treats

Simply Amazing Treats does pop ups in Seattle. Everything they make is 100% organic and vegan. To find out when and where they’re popping up, follow their instagram @youhavebeenamazed.

Askatu Bakery Cafe

I recommend only going to Askatu Bakery Cafe if you have no other options. While they do have 6 varieties of vegan cookies, they aren’t great. I’m only including them here as a warning to all, haha.


Nuflours is a gluten-free bakery in Capitol Hill that’s closed on Mondays. They have a few vegan options that include chocolate raspberry cake, chocolate chip cookies, and some donut flavors.

Vegan Doughnuts

Dough Joy Doughnuts

vegan rainbow glitter doughnut from Dough Joy

Dough Joy Doughnuts is an all-vegan doughnut shop that doesn’t advertise themselves that way at all. They have the cutest and most pillowy donuts and they’re LGBTQ owned!

They have 2 locations (West Seattle and Capitol Hill) plus a trailer. I love how their trailer and some of their doughnuts matches my aesthetic. Cute AF.

They’re closed Tuesday and Wednesday.


devil’s playground donut and chocolate peanut butter donut

Mighty O is an all-vegan and organic donut shop with a huge variety. They even have a pup cup with vegan donuts for the doggos. They’ve been around for like 20 years I think because I came here on my first trip to Seattle as a baby vegan. I’m pretty sure this was the first place I ever tried a vegan donut.

My favorite flavor is the Devil’s Playground which is a chocolate donut with chocolate icing and rainbow sprinkles. Also pictured above is the chocolate peanut butter donut.

They have quite a few locations, including downtown, Capitol Hill, etc.

Good Day Donuts

Good Day is an omni donut shop that has vegan options. I think only their yeasted donuts are vegan, so make sure you ask them to show you very clearly which ones are vegan when you go. They’re closed Mondays and Tuesdays.

Donut Factory

Donut Factory is another muggle donut shop. However, if you call 24 hours in advance, you can place a special order for vegan donuts. They will only make cake donuts vegan, and you have to order a minimum of half a dozen.

However, they will make you custom vegan donuts. This is fun if you like cutely shaped donuts like I do. We have a place like this called family donuts where I live and I’ve ordered heart donuts and star donuts from there.

Ice Cream

Frankie & Jo’s

mini fridge of pints of ice cream for sale

Frankie & Jo’s is like an all-vegan version of Salt & Straw. I say this because the flavors are atypical, like someone is trying too hard, haha. One of the flavors is perfect for the goths and monochrome-loving art majors. It’s called Salty Caramel Ash because it gets the gray color from activated charcoal.

Another flavor is the jamocha chaga fudge, which is definitely for the new age hippie types. It’s naturally sweetened without sugar and has mushrooms and nooch in it. Not for me, thanks. I think most, if not all of their flavors use a coconut milk base.

I ordered the mint brownie, but the chocolate tahini was a close second. There are 3 locations in Seattle, and oddly, the only other location is north of San Francisco, in Marin County.

The Flora Bakehouse

me holding an ice cream cone with purple ube soft serve

I mentioned The Flora Bakehouse earlier in the bakeries section. In addition to vegan baked goods, they also have coffee, tea, and ice cream. Sadly only 1 item on the ice cream menu was vegan. But luckily, it was the ube soft serve which matched my hair.

The place itself is super cute, but the staff seemed put off by me being there. It kinda reminded me of how baristas in fancy LA coffee shops acted like 15 years ago.

Full Tilt

Full Tilt is a pinball arcade, comic book shop, and ice cream parlor combined into one spot. They only have 4 vegan flavors of ice cream, and they rotate, so I can’t even advise you on what to order when you’re there.

The only unfortunate thing are the limited hours, so make sure you check them before heading all the way to Columbia City.

Salt & Straw

a scoop of ice cream in a cup

Salt & Straw is an omni ice cream shop with locations all over the west coast (and maybe other parts of the country too?). They usually have between 3 and 6 vegan flavors depending on the month. They change their flavors every month, but they usually have mint chip, which is my favorite.

Milk Drunk

Milk Drunk is a sandwich and soft serve shop, which I respect. They’re mostly not vegan, which I don’t respect, haha. But at least they have a few vegan options. They have 2 vegan soft serve flavors, but they’re both fruity. One is Rainier cherry (that’s so Seattle of them). The other changes daily I think.

They’re located in Beacon Hill and closed on Mondays.

Mollie Moon’s

Mollie Moon’s is another omni spot with a couple vegan options. The one they always have is called coconut chunk. It has shredded coconut and pieces of Theo chocolate in it. I’ll get this flavor forever. They also have a seasonal vegan flavor that rotates, but it’s usually fruity so I’ll stick with coconut.

They have a ton of Seattle locations: Capitol Hill, University District, Wallingford, Lower Queen Anne, Columbia City, and Madrona.

Restaurants with Vegan Dessert Options

Life on Mars

Life on Mars is a vegan bar so their hours are 4pm-2am. They recently took the chocolate cheesecake off of the dessert menu. Now their vegan desserts are tres leches cake, tiramisu, and brownie sundae. They’re priced at $15 each, so I didn’t try any.

Ben & Esther’s

dessert case at Ben & Esther’s

Ben & Esther’s is a VERY delicious vegan deli. They have a black and white cookie that I recognized from the show Seinfeld. Unfortunately, the Ben & Esther’s in Seattle closed at the start of 2024. I guess we will have to go to the Portland and San Diego locations instead.

Plum Bistro

Plum Bistro is one of the older vegan restaurants in Seattle. I’ve been vegan so long that there were only 3 or 4 fine dining vegan restaurants back in the day. This was one of them.

Their dessert menu changes seasonally, so check in with them. There’s always a variety of cheesecake, cookie, and ice cream. The other item changes. Sometimes it’s carrot cake. Sometimes it’s apple pie. You’ll be surprised. And for a fine dining establishment, you might also be surprised that the dessert prices are lower than Life on Mars.

Loving Hut

Loving Hut, as I’m sure you’re aware, is an international vegan restaurant chain hailing from the supreme master herself. This location is in Little Saigon, Chinatown in the International District. They have vegan chocolate cakes and vegan cheesecakes, either by the cake or by the slice, depending on availability. They also have banana nut cake and caramel flan. Desserts here are very reasonably priced.

They’re closed on Tuesdays.

The Wayward Vegan

The Wayward Vegan is one of the original vegan spots in Seattle. I remember going here back when I was a little punk rocker, and you know that was forever ago!

Their sweets menu has 2 kinds of cheesecake: coconut key lime cheesecake and peanut butter cheesecake. They also have a brownie sundae, an ice cream sundae, a cinnamon roll, and a sopapilla.

They’re located in the Roosevelt neighborhood.

Pi Vegan Pizzeria

Pi Vegan Pizzeria is another all-vegan spot that has been there for as long as I have been vegan. It might have been the first all vegan pizzeria my baby vegan self had ever been to actually.

They have a dessert pizza on their menu! They have other dessert options too but I don’t need to tell you about them because DESSERT PIZZA, helloooo.

They’re located in the University District.

Razzís Pizzería

Razzís Pizzería is an omni pizzeria with a very extensive 2-page vegan menu. They have 2 locations: one downtown in Denny Triangle and one in Greenwood.

Razzís vegan dessert menu has a few options: vanilla Coconut Bliss ice cream, chocolate mousse torte, key lime pie, and tiramisu. I believe that Pure Pies makes the desserts for both locations.

Cafes and Coffee Shops that Offer Vegan Sweet Treats

Cafe Red

Cafe Red is a vegan coffee shop and art space in Beacon Hill. Since they’re a breakfast and coffee shop, they’re only open until 2. They usually have gluten-free date balls as a dessert (they call them Haley’s Comets), but you can also order a vegan hot cocoa.

One nice thing about Cafe Red is that they provide food and drinks to the unhoused. So, if you’re there getting your drink or snack, you can offer to donate to the community fund as well.

Luna Park Cafe

Luna Park Cafe is an omnivore West Seattle cafe with a diner vibe. They have a 1-page vegan menu that is free of animal products. The vegan options they have for dessert are sundaes and milkshakes.

Since they’re a breakfast and lunch spot, they close at 3pm everyday.

Stores with Vegan Desserts

Central Co-op

piece of chocolate cake in a takeout container

Central Co-op is a natural foods co-op near Capitol Hill. I got a piece of vegan chocolate cake, amongst other items. They’re open until 10pm, so actually during conventional dessert hours.

Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market has different vegan baked goods, depending on location. You can always count on them having vegan cookies, cupcakes, ice cream, and usually cakes and donuts too. Whole Foods is located near Denny Triangle.

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