Vegan Dollhousewarming

I’m sure that I’ve been doing a fair (fair = hardly tolerable) amount of complaining on here about how much moving sucks. Now, it’s finally time to stop complaining (well, not completely, I mean I am me after all) and start bragging. Well, bragging is such an icky word. Let’s instead use the phrase talking-about-how-much-better-the-new-dollhouse-is-than-the-old-one.

In my mind, the warming of the new dollhouse really started when Jessica came over and taught me how to use my fireplace and was the first to take a bath in my jacuzzi tub while enjoying a fire. However, the official dollhousewarming was this past weekend when 30 of the best people I know came and visited and shared in my excitement. And it wouldn’t have been a complete housewarming weekend if we hadn’t had our inaugural movie night tonight by watching The Addams Family on the big screen (that just happens to retract into the ceiling when not in use so we aren’t tempted to watch movies when we should be doing more productive things on a nightly basis).

The dollhousewarming preparations started on Friday night when Ashley came over after work to help make dollhouse-shaped cookies. She even stayed up past her bedtime until we were all finished because she’s such a trooper!

Dollhouse Cookies

Dollhouse Cookie

(Thanks Jocelyn for having enough restraint to take this cute picture of your cookie before you ate it!)

Saturday morning, we made strawberry lemonade and strawberry lemonade sangria with heart shaped strawberries floating in the pitchers. To garnish the drinks, we had strawberries with umbrellas in them for placing on the edge of the glasses. Mia said the party looked like a vegan etsy party, so she coined the term vetsy to describe it.

Strawberry garnishes


Strawberry Lemonade Sangria

In addition to the sangria, David made bloody marys with cute garnishes too. Bloody Marys are kind of his specialty. He even makes his own vegan worcestershire from scratch.

Bloody Marys

I made taco bowls. I didn’t really know how this would turn out, due to the fact that I had never attempted this before (and many years of supporting evidence that even when things turn out really cute in my head, the execution isn’t always so exquisite).

Taco bowl

This was probably the best party I’ve been to in over a year. I love my friends and family! Would it be weird to have a dollhouse-iversary every year around this time? Don’t answer that. I’ll just pretend the answer is no.

(picture of friends)

(picture of friends)

(picture of friends)

(picture of Brittany and Spencer)

(picture of James and my dad)

(picture of me and Josipa)

(picture of Jocelyn, me, and Ashley

(picture of me and Kimmy)

(picture of me, Kimmy, and James)

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