Robin Means and Macchiato in 2020


Hi, I’m Robin, the creator of the Vegan Dollhouse.

I discovered veganism through some vegan straightedge friends I made in the punk scene in the 1990’s. I finally made my own transition to veganism in the summer of 1999 while visiting a PETA booth at the Warped Tour where I learned about the abuse that animals endure in factory farms.

Still a punk at heart, my love for the kawaii aesthetic started with an interest in the gothic lolita subculture that I was introduced to in 2004, when I saw Kamikaze Girls in the movie theatre with Amy, founder of Sugarpill makeup.

The San Francisco bay area will always be my forever home, but I recently moved to the Sacramento area so I could have the kitchen of my dreams. I’m inspired by pastel colors, cute dogs, and DIY everything.

I spend my time decorating food, making clothes, organizing events (like vegan prom & tea parties), and live streaming.

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Dolls & Doughnuts was a vegan podcast I cohosted for around 5 years.

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