pink funfetti vegan cake with hearts

Pamela's Birthday 2018

Pamela's grownup birthday with a grownup version of a child's funfetti cake

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my new llama friend

Austin Vegan Adventure

My vegan adventure in Austin, Texas

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unicorn head mounted

How to Create Your Own Cruelty Free Hunting Trophy

How to make your own vegan-friendly stuffed animal wall art

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Fun & Unique Vegan Menu for New Year's Eve

My Unique Vegan Menu for New Year's Eve 2018

This cute vegan menu for New Year's Eve includes mocktails and fun snacks

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vegan sprinkles

My Favorite (and not so favorite) Vegan Sprinkles

A list of all the vegan sprinkles I know about

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Delta menu

Delta Airlines Vegan Meals

Cross-country flights on Delta offer a free vegan meal

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goth kittens halloween party invitation

Goth Kittens Halloween 2017

Goth Kittens Halloween 2017 Party

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Vegan Rilakkuma Teddy Bear Ice Cream Cone

Rilakkuma Ice Cream Collaboration

Vegan flower sherbet ice cream in the form of a teddy bear on a cone

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Vegan bacon chips at UC Merced

Vegan at UC Merced

Some of the vegan foods I spotted at UC Merced

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