vegan rainbow glitter doughnut from Dough Joy

Best Vegan Desserts in Seattle, WA (organized by type)

Here’s a list of vegan desserts you can find in Seattle.

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a saucer of sifted vegan powdered sugar

Is Powdered Sugar Vegan? (List of Brands I Recommend)

Is powdered sugar vegan? I explain why it sometimes is and sometimes isn’t, and I give you a long list of brands of powdered sugar that ARE vegan.

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adzuki bean bacon on a plate with tofu scramble

Delicious Vegan Recipes that use Adzuki Beans

Adzuki beans are high in micronutrients such as folate, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. I hope these yummy recipes inspire you.

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2 vegan cinnamon roll bears with a cup of coffee

Are Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls Vegan? Which Brands Are?

Find out why Pillsbury Cinnamon Rolls aren’t vegan and which brands you should buy instead.

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vegan sprinkles

My Favorite Vegan Sprinkles (updated in Fall 2023)

A list of all the vegan sprinkles I know about

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Cute Vegan Snacks for a Fun New Year's Eve

Cute Vegan Snacks for a Fun New Year's Eve

This list of cute vegan snacks for a fun New Year's Eve has enough variety to please even the finicky eaters. I also include past vegan New Years Eve party menus of mocktails and fun snacks.

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detroit-style pizza from Boxcar in Portland

60 Portland Vegan Restaurants (and food carts)

This list has all of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Portland, Oregon as of spring 2024. Not only does it tell you where to go, it also tells you what to eat.

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bear shaped sweet potato tots being dipped

Party Food and Snacks that Kids and Toddlers Will Love

Wondering what to cook for your toddler's party? Here are some cute party food recipes and ideas that might just get the kids to stop playing long enough to eat.

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kawaii DIY lazy susan

Build a Lazy Susan

Make your own lazy susan in under 5 minutes and for less than $10.

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