heart-shaped vegan ice cream sandwich

Eat Drink Vegan

Eat Drink Vegan (and other LA adventures) over memorial day weekend 2017

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an animal rights mural in Zaragoza


My vegan trip to Zaragoza, Spain

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Fun Vegan Menu for New Year's Eve

Vegan Menu for New Year's Eve

This cute vegan menu for New Year's Eve includes mocktails and fun snacks

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5 reasons to eat sustainably farmed seaweed

5 Reasons to Eat Sustainably Farmed Seaweed

Why should you eat sustainably farmed seaweed? Here are 5 reasons why I do.

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pom pom scarf

Pom Pom Scarf

An incredibly warm and fun scarf that you can make yourself with zero sewing, knitting, or crocheting involved

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vegan minestrone waffles

Twin Toddler Taste Test

Max and Logan try new vegan foods

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turtle shaped sourdough bread

Jessica's Birthday 2016

Jessica's grownup children's birthday party

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Palm Springs sunset

Christmas in Paradise

My first trip to Palm Springs and my first wolf interaction

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Vegan yogurt blind taste test

Vegan Yogurt Tasting

15 vegan yogurts. 3 criteria. Find out who wins.

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% Arabica


Vegan Kyoto adventure

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Just another Rilakkuma store in Japan


Quick stop in Osaka for dinner

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Wild deer in Nara Park


Nara, Japan adventure

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