Vegan Nail Polish

Scotch Naturals nail polish display

I really like having cutely painted nails. This goes back to when I used to DJ at college radio stations, and it would make me happy to see my fingernails when I was running the board. Now it translates to seeing my fingers on my keyboard at work or in posts on my website. It just makes life happier.

When I found out that not all nail polish was vegan, I looked online for a comprehensive list. To make things even more complicated, I don’t really like to use a ton of chemicals, so I wanted to know which polishes are the least toxic.

This alphabetical list includes vegan nail polish that is cruelty-free and also free of at least 3 of the harmful toxins usually found. Each brand lists how many toxins the company excludes from their polish, 3-free being the minimum required to make it onto my list, and 7-free (or even 11-free!) being the least toxic.

If you don’t want to see the entire list and you’re just interested in which ones are the best, so far, I recommend the following.

100% Pure vegan nail polish

100% Pure
I tested the colors: green tea ice cream, mint, and seafoam
Brush rating: perfect
Odor rating: average
Coats needed: 1 for the blue, 2 for the greens
Chipping started: day 2 - 3
Total score: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

786 Cosmetics vegan nail polish

786 Cosmetics
I tested the colors: Java Halal (black) and Lahore Halal (gray)
Brush rating: good
Odor rating: average
Coats needed: 1-2
Chipping started: on day 2
Total score: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Dream by PS
I tested the color: Silver glitter
Brush rating: average
Odor rating: average
Coats needed: 1
Chipping started: on day 3
Total score: ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Trust Fund vegan nail polish

Trust Fund
I tested the colors: Sex Tape (pink), Beverly Thrills (blue glitter), Money Buys Happiness (light pink), Celebrity Crush (yellow)
Brush rating: perfect size on 3 out of 4 bottles
Odor rating: average
Coats needed: 7 for yellow; 2 for dark pink
Chipping started: day 2 or 3
Total score: ☆ ☆ ☆

I compiled this list in 2015 and updated it in 2018. If you have information that differs from this list, please email me, so that I can make sure my list is as accurate as possible.

Note: The following list doesn’t include brands (like wet n wild or julep) that have some vegan and some non-vegan.

Brand Toxicity
100% pure 10 free
1143 H2O 7 free
786 Cosmetics 11 free
A beautiful life (ABL)
A-dorn 5 free
Acquarella 7 free
Aila 11 free
All Heart 7 free
American Apparel 3 free
Authority cosmetics 5 free
Bad Bitch Polish (BBP) 3 free
Beauty without cruelty 3 free
Bella Pierre 3 free
Benecos 5 free
Berenice Beauty 5 free
Bion cosmetics 5 free
Black Dahlia Lacquer 5 free
Booty Babe 3 free
Butter London 3 free
China glaze 3 free
Ciate 3 free
Cienna Rose 12 free
Color club 4 free
Color me Earth 4 free
Cult 5 free
Dazzle dry 5 free
Deborah Lippmann 5 free
Dream by PS 7 free
Dr’s Remedy 5 free
Ella & Mila 5 free
Exurbe cosmetics 5 free
Floss gloss 3 free
Gabriel 5 free
Ginger + Liz 5 free
Gloss & Co 5 free
Habit cosmetics 5 free
Hard Candy 3 free
I Scream Nails 5 free
James Robert John (JRJ) 5 free
Joshik 5 free
Karma Hues 4 free
Kester Black 5 free
Kia-Charlotta 14 free
Kitty got claws 5 free
KL Polish 12 free
Kure Bazaar 5 free
Lauren B Beauty 5 free
LAW Beauty Essentials 5 free
Leesha’s Lacquer 5 free
Lillian Eve 5 free
Lime Crime 3 free
Lisa lacquer 4 free
LiveOliv 5 free
Londontown Lakur 9 free
Lustre 5 free
LVX 5 free
Madam Glam 5 free
Manic panic 3 free
Milani 3 free
Mineral fusion 5 free
Mischo Beauty 10 free
Models own
Moonstone 5 free
Moov 7 free
NCLA 5 free
Night Owl Lacquer 5 free
No miss 5 free
Northern Nail Polish 7 free
Nubar 3 free
Obsessive-compulsive cosmetics (OCC) 5 free
Organic glam (OG)
Orly 3 free
OZN 7 free
p2 cosmetics
Pacifica 7 free
pear nova 5 free
PiCture pOlish 5 free
Piggy paint 7 free
Play ♥ Laugh (play love laugh) 5 free
Pretty serious
Prissy cosmetics 5 free
Priti NYC 5 free
Pure euphoria 5 free
Rainbow honey 3 free
Scotch naturals 7 free
Sheer Lust 5 free
Sheswai 3 free
SHINE 10 free
Soulstice spa 3 free
Sparitual 5 free
Superchic Lacquer 5 free
Trust fund 5 free
Vivre Cosmetics 10 free
wHet 3 free
wikkid polish 5 free
Willow Byron Bay 5 free
Wrenn 5 free
Zahara 5 free
ZAPORA 5 free
Zoya 5 free

1143 H20 vegan non-toxic nail polish

If you’re looking for a polish that has no odor whatsoever, I recommend 1143 H2O. It’s the only vegan nail polish I’ve ever tried that has no odor.

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