The Best Anniversary Messages to Write on Cake

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white heart cake that says You’re So Cool.

Everyone has anniversaries. They don’t have to be the traditional wedding anniversary kind. They could be the anniversary of the day you met your best friend. Or they could be your veganniversary, which a lot of vegans celebrate because it’s the day they went vegan.

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Whatever anniversary you’re celebrating, the important thing is that there will be an anniversary cake.And with that anniversary cake comes some decisions. What flavor of cake? What flavor of frosting? How should it be decorated? And maybe the most important of all. What should the message on the cake be?

You know, you’re doing enough work by making the cake. Instead of coming up with the message on your own, why don’t you pick from some of my anniversary cake sayings. Or at least use my ideas to give you inspiration for yours.

Some of these are anniversary cake love quotes. Some are cute. Some are funny. There’s a decent mix of cake quotes on here, and I think a lot of them would be appropriate for valentine’s day too. I’ll admit they aren’t the boring, traditional ones. So, if you’re not fun, like me, you might be in the wrong place, haha.

If cake isn’t your thing, these messages would also be cute on conversation heart cookies.

Cute or Funny Anniversary Cake Quotes

In Love AF

My dog Macchiato has a collar that says Needy AF. We put it on her when she’s feeling extra needy. So, this one is for anniversaries where you’re feeling extra in love.

white heart cake that says In Love AF on top.

Married AF

This is the same concept as the last one, except that it could work for a wedding cake message as well.

You’re The Only Music On My Mind

If you or your partner are a music lover, this is a good one. It’s a lyric in the song Moment in the Sun by Sunflower Bean.

I Love You Almost As Much as Pizza

I think it’s fair to say that no mere mortal can rank higher than pizza in one’s heart. But coming in second place isn’t too bad.

I Still Think You’re Cute

These are lyrics from a Beach Bunny song. If you and your anniversary partner are into indie rock, this might be the perfect cake message for you.

Life Sucks Less With You In It

Having loved ones is really what makes life worth living. Even if that loved one is your dog.

I Wanna Be Alone With You

This is a song by Cloe Wilder, but it’s also just a super cute sentiment. It can be sweet or naughty, and I support both meanings.

I’d Give You 5 Stars on Yelp

Did you ever see that episode of Black Mirror where everyone rated each other in real life? If you haven’t seen it, then this message can still be cute, haha.

I Hate People, But I Like You

This is from a song by Jemina Pearl and Iggy Pop. It’s a really good song, and 100% relatable.

You Make Me Less Murdery

This is a fun way of saying that your partner brings out the best in you.

Still In Love

This might sound a little snarky. It’s actually the name of a song by The Stills that came out in 2003. It’s a super cute song.

Still Crushing

The term crushing tends to be reserved for pre-relationship feels. But I think it’s cute to tell someone you’ve been with a long time that you still crush them.

6,243 Days Married

You can replace this with hours to make the number bigger.


This would fit easily on a mini 4-inch cake. If you’re in the 3% of people who don’t know this acronym, it means I Love You So Much.

You’re My Ride or Die

I think this expression comes from the 1950s. But, I feel like it’s having a resurgence in popularity lately.

I’ll Follow you into the Dark

I get that this might seem a little morbid if you weren’t into Death Cab for Cutie a decade ago. But this is romantic as hell for an old emo couple.

Let’s Netflix and Chill

If you haven’t heard this phrase yet, you might be from outer space. Let’s just say it’s less about watching TV and more about getting under the covers, if you know what I mean.


Insinuate that you kidnapped each other’s hearts.

For Keeps

This could also be For Keepsies. But For Keeps would fit well on a small cake like a 4-inch cake.

You’re My Drug Of Choice

I think the idea of being high on love is really cute. But this would also be great for a straight edge couple’s anniversary.

You’re So Cool

One of my top ten favorite movies of all time is True Romance. This was a love note that Alabama gave Terrence in that movie.

white anniversary heart cake with You're So Cool written on it.

Sappy Anniversary Cake Messages

I Love You to the Moon and Back

There was a board book I used to read to my kiddos when they were little called Guess How Much I Love You. This was a line from that book. This would be adorable on a galaxy themed cake.

Crazy For You

This needs no explanation. If you want one, Best Coast has a song called Crazy For You. Patsy Cline has a song called Crazy. You get the idea. You can also change this to Crazy In Love.

Ship Names

You know what ship names are right? It’s where you take your name and the other person’s name and make a mashup of your 2 names. For instance, my ship name with my friend Kimmy is Robimmy.

True Love Always

Does this bring back high school yearbook vibes? Good, because it should. Do you remember the symbol for how we wrote the acronym TLA? It would be perfect on a mini cake or on cupcakes!

I Still Need You

This is a lyric from a song called Heart Skipped A Beat by The xx. It’s also just a nice reminder. We all want to feel needed right?

Soulmates 4 Life

Hey this is called the sappy section for a reason, haha. For anyone who believes in soulmates, this could be a great quote.

This is No Ordinary Love

Everyone probably thinks that their love is stronger than all the other love, haha. If you listen to Sade, you might recognize this song.

You’re My Favorite

I say this to my partner a lot because it’s true. I have A LOT of exes, and he’s the only one who I’ve been able to put up with for this long, haha.

For As Long as You’ll Have Me

This is a lyric from the song Love Letter to Japan by the bird and the bee. This one would also be a good message on a wedding cake.

Happily Ever After

I actually know a couple that had a disney wedding. This would be the perfect anniversary cake quote for them.

I Am The Luckiest

If you like Ben Folds, you might know the song that inspired this one. It’s very sappy, and very perfect for an anniversary.

I Love You to Pieces

There was a cartoon when I was little where the cat would say I hate mieces to pieces. He was talking about mice. This is just the reverse of that.

Gonna Give You All My Love

If you know the band New Young Pony Club, you might recognize this line from their song Lucky. They say it like 48 times in the song so it’s really memorable, haha.

I Wanna Grow Old With You

If you saw that movie Wedding Singer, you might recognize this. It’s from when Drew Barrymore says she thinks the perfect partner is someone you can see yourself growing old with.

I love You More Than Anyone In My Life

This is a lyric from a Daft Punk song called Something About Us. If you haven’t heard it, give it a listen. It’ll give you all the feels.

Always and Forever

If you’re not my mom who was married 7 different times, then marriage probably means forever and always to you.

You’re My Forever

I always liked You’re My Everything. But, I know nowadays, people say it’s not empowering. So this is my alternative to that.

All The Feels

Someone giving you the feels is the same as you having feelings for them. It’s another cute way to say you like someone.

Anniversary Cake Ideas

Now that you have ideas for what to write on the cake, you might be ready to decide what kind of cake to make. I have this traditional anniversary heart cake recipe, which I even made for a wedding for some friends.

the cake I made for my friend's wedding.

What if you’re celebrating with just the 2 of you and you don’t need a 2-layer 9-inch cake? I have two mini 6-inch heart cakes that are perfect for a more intimate celebration. One is a rainbow heart cake, and the other is a chocolate caramel ombre heart cake.

Comments or Questions?

If you use any of these to make your anniversary cake, I would love it if you’d snap a pic, post to instagram, and tag me @vegandollhouse. It seriously makes my day/week/month to know that I inspired or helped someone out.

And you can message me (instagram or email) if you have any suggestions for cake messages I should add to this list.

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