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vegan halloween candy

This comprehensive list of vegan Halloween candy includes candy to buy at the store, candy you can order online, and candy you can make at home. Some of these are accidentally vegan and some are vegan alternatives to traditional Halloween treats.

No matter how you celebrate Halloween, this list will prepare you for a spooky fun time. Some of these treats would even be good for a Friday the 13th or goth event or party.

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Halloween is an amazing holiday for so many reasons. The sweets, the dressing up, the colors (purple and black are the best color combo). This list of Halloween candy should help you stay true to your vegan values while still participating in the best and most fun holiday of them alllllll!

List of Vegan Halloween Candy

I’ve divided this list of vegan Halloween candy into 2 sub-lists. The first is my personal favorite Halloween candies that I would buy to eat myself. The second is more mainstream candy that is easy to find and better for the muggle children.

Top Shelf Vegan Halloween Candy

This list is for those of you who are Level 5 vegans and avoid all sugar unless you have verified its source and how it’s been filtered. These are also good options for those of you who don’t get very many trick-or-treaters and can afford to spend more than a quarter on each piece of candy.

vegan kit kat

Less Expensive Vegan Halloween Candy

This list is for those of you who get more than a dozen trick-or-treaters and aren’t rich. The sugar in these candies is not verified as vegan in all of these cases, and many of the companies who make these cheaper candies have been known to use sugar filtered through animal bone char in their other products. So, even though many vegans feel comfortable buying these candies, this is a personal choice based on your comfort level (and income bracket, haha). Everything in this list costs less than 25¢ each.

  • skittles
  • jolly ranchers
  • sour patch kids
  • dum dums
  • laffy taffy
  • blow pops
  • smarties
  • sweettarts (not the chewy ones)
  • chick-o-sticks
  • swedish fish
  • air heads
  • dots
  • atomic fire balls
  • zots
  • twizzlers
  • fun dip
  • ring pops
  • lindt oat milk truffles

sour patch kids

Where to Buy Vegan Halloween Candy Near You

Now I’ll divide this list of vegan Halloween candy into sublists by which stores carry them. Keep in mind that I live in California, so my stores may be different from yours. But this will hopefully give you a good starting point. Also, if you want to confirm where to buy them before leaving the house, you can always use instacart as a search engine.

Vegan Halloween Candy at Target

The following candies are available at my Target (California) during the month of October every year.

  • Yum Earth giggles and chewys (mixed bag that has both) - $18 for a pack of 30 individually wrapped
  • Yum Earth organic gummy fruits (make sure you find the ones that say vegan on the package) - $11 for a pack of 20 individually wrapped
  • UNREAL Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups - $6 for 6 individually wrapped
  • Plant Based Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups - $2 for a full size (as of 2023, they don’t make the fun size yet)
  • Sour Patch Kids & Sour Patch Watermelon Halloween Candy Variety Pack - $7 for a pack of 40 individually wrapped
  • Halloween Sour Patch Kids & Swedish Fish - $12 for a pack of 100 individually wrapped
  • Sour Patch Kids Halloween Soft & Chewy Candy Bag - $7 for a pack of 100 individually wrapped
  • Sour Patch Kids Halloween lollipops - $4 for a pack of 20 purple and orange lollipops
  • Yum Earth Halloween Organic Candies Variety Bag - $18 for a pack of 50 individually wrapped
  • Smarties - $12 for a pack of 230 individually wrapped, but the wrapping isn’t completely sealed, so I usually don’t buy these because I’m worried parents will toss them out of fear that they’ve been tampered with
  • Dots - $4 for a bag of 17 mini boxes
  • Blow Pop Halloween assorted - $7 for 55 lollipops
  • DumDums - $12 for a bag of 250 lollipops (or they also have a smaller bag that’s $7 for 90)
  • Ring Pops - $13 for 36 Halloween ring pops (or they also have a smaller bag that’s $7 for 22)

Vegan Halloween Candy at Sprouts

These individually-wrapped candies are available at my Sprouts Farmer’s Market stores (in California) during the month of October every year. In addition to these, Sprouts also has a lot of unwrapped candy in the bulk bins.

  • Sweet Haven Chocolate Cocoa Cookie Truffles - $14/pound in the bulk section, which is about 50 pieces
  • Enjoy Life Variety Pack Mini Chocolate Candy Bars - $7 for a pack of 15
  • Unreal chocolate coconut bars (like vegan mounds) - $7 for 8 pieces
  • Cocomels Organic Caramels (they have pumpkin spice and maple flavors in the fall) - $7 for 14 caramels
  • Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter cups - $7 for 10 mini peanut butter cups that are wrapped in foil
  • Yum Earth Halloween Organic Lollipops - $6 for 20
  • Little Secrets Dark Chocolate & Sea Salt Crispy Wafers (they’re like vegan kit kat, but with better ingredients) - $3 for a full-size
  • Nelly’s organic candy bars - $3 for a full-size
  • Free2B Dark Chocolate Sunflower Butter Cups - $2 for a full-size

Vegan Halloween Candy at Costco

These individually-wrapped candies are available at my local Costco (in California).

  • Unreal chocolate coconut bars (like vegan mounds) - $14 for 28 pieces
  • Smarties - $15 for 5 pounds
  • Fruit by the Foot - $21 for 48 pieces

Vegan Halloween Candy at Trader Joe’s

Trader Joe’s is known for running out of seasonal items, so there are no guarantees that your Trader Joe’s will have any of these when you go, but I hope so!

  • Mini Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups (like vegan peanut butter cups, but healthier tasting) - $6 for 14 pieces wrapped in foil
  • Just the Lobsters - $1 for a full-size
  • Trader Joe's Organic Pops
  • Dark Chocolate Sunflower Seed Butter Cups (like vegan peanut butter cups, but healthier tasting) - $1 for a full-size with 2 in it

Where to Order Vegan Halloween Candy Online

If you’re like me, you might not like to spend your limited free time shopping. If that’s you, here are some options for having your vegan candy delivered to your doorstep.

Vegan Halloween Candy on Amazon

Vegan Halloween Candy on Etsy

You can find some really unique vegan candy on etsy that you can’t find anywhere else. The only downsides are that they are more expensive (and even more when you add shipping) and that they aren’t individually wrapped so you probably won’t want to hand these out to trick or treaters. From Monday, Oct 9 - Wednesday Oct 11, you can get $10 off EVERYTHING in your etsy cart (on all orders over $40) with the code YES10.

Vegan Halloween Candy from The Very Vegan Sweet Shop

The Very Vegan Sweet Shop is a woman-owned, vegan-owned online candy store, but if you’re in Chicago, you can pick it up in person. What makes this shop unique, in additon to the aforementioned reasons, is that they carry vegan treats from other countries too! This is great for people (like me) who don’t travel to other countries very often.

In addition to Halloween, they also offer custom vegan candy for other holidays. I’ll share a picture soon of my Easter basket filled with goodies from this awesome possum shop.

vegan easter basket

How To Make Homemade Vegan Halloween Candy

I know making your own vegan halloween candy isn’t going to be an option for some people. If you’re handing these out to kiddos who come to your door, their parents might not be too keen on them eating homemade candy from strangers. But, if you’re going to an event where you know everyone, then homemade is the way to go.

Easy Two-Ingredient Vegan Butterfinger

I know October is a busy month, but who doesn’t have time to make a recipe that requires no baking and only 2 ingredients? These easy vegan butterfingers can be made into any shape, so hit up your local craft store for some silicone skull or ghost molds to make them extra spooky.

vegan butterfinger hello kitty candy with a bite missing

Vegan Peanut Butter Cups

Like the vegan butterfinger, these vegan reese’s cups can be made into any shape.

hello kitty chocolate peanut butter cup candies

Vegan Mounds

Like the vegan butterfinger and the vegan peanut butter cups, these vegan coconut candies can be made into any shape that you have a silicone mold for.

heart shaped vegan valentine chocolates

Vegan Halloween Candy Skulls

These vegan Halloween chocolate caramels have a pumpkin caramel filling. Kristina uses a skull mold to make them extra spooky.

vegan halloween chocolates that look like skulls filled with pumpkin flavored caramel

Vegan Halloween Candy Spiders

These vegan Halloween candy spiders from Rachel are like the Halloween edition of my chocolate peanut butter pretzel butterflies. If you have any kids in your life, you have no excuse not to make these for them. Like the other Halloween candy recipes, this easy recipe requires no baking.

Chocolate peanut butter pretzels decorated to look like spiders for Halloween

Questions You Might Have About Vegan Halloween Candy

Which candy corn brands are vegan??

I only know of one brand of vegan candy corn. They’re called Clever Fox Confections.

What are some vegan Halloween candy brands?

This list of vegan Halloween candy offers a wide range of brands that are either all vegan or just have some accidentally vegan products.

Are Skittles vegan?

Skittles are vegan, so grab some for Halloween (or any occasion).

Can I find vegan chocolate for Halloween?

My favorite Halloween candy is vegan chocolate. This list starts with what I call top-shelf candy, which are the vegan chocolates haha.

Are gummy candies like Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids vegan?

Gummy candies like Swedish Fish and Sour Patch Kids are vegan, but gummy bears and worms often are not. If you’re not certain, read the ingredients. If you see gelatin in the ingredients list, the gummies are not vegan. Also keep an eye out for beeswax, which is also not vegan.

What ingredients should I watch out for to avoid non-vegan candy?

Other than the gelatin and beeswax I just mentioned, steer clear of shellac, confectioner’s glaze (unless it specifically says it’s from a vegan source), carmine, cochineal, artificial flavoring (sometimes is vegan and sometimes isn’t), and dextrose (sometimes is vegan and sometimes isn’t). And of course, you already know to avoid milk, milkfat, butter, etc.

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Do you have a favorite Halloween candy that isn’t in my list yet? Tell me about it! You can email me or message me through instagram.

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