Spookicute Vegan Halloween Recipes

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vegan tea sandwiches that look like the ghost emoji

These spookicute vegan Halloween recipes will prepare you for any Halloween, Friday the 13th, or goth event or party. From vegan Halloween treats to vegan dinner food to Halloween snacks and vegan Halloween candy, this list has you covered.

Halloween has always been my favorite holiday, and my earliest childhood memories are from Halloween. Purple has been my favorite color for 30 years, and I’ve always had purple in my hair in some way.

Since I express my creativity with food, it only makes sense that I would have a lot of vegan Halloween recipes on this website. So, now I’ve taken some time to compile them all, along with some vegan Halloween recipes from other recipe creators.

I hope this inspires you to make a special vegan Halloween treat for someone in your life.

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Vegan Halloween Appetizers

Halloween Focaccia Art

This vegan focaccia bread recipe can be made quickly and easily. Or, spend some extra time to dress it up as a ouija board for Halloween.

halloween ouija board focaccia bread

Vegan Halloween Food

Black Bean Pasta with Roasted Veggie Bats and Skulls

This recipe for black bean pasta is gluten-free, vegan, and soy-free. It’s also high in protein, iron, and potassium. But the best part about this dinner with roasted veggies is the Halloween theme.

taking a bite of halloween black bean pasta

Halloween Pizza Pot Pie

What are the only 2 things that could make vegan pot pie better? One way is to make it a pizza flavored pot pie. And the other is to make it look like Jack Skellington’s face. This pizza pot pie is a perfect Halloween dinner.

jack skellington pot pie

Vegan Spam Musubi Shaped Like Coffins for Halloween

This vegan spam musubi is a healthier version of traditional spam musubi. For Halloween, these musubi dressed up as coffins. The marinated and baked tofu isn’t exactly like you remember spam, but it’s close. And the sushi rice is naturally colored purple for an extra Halloween touch. This is the perfect savory snack to balance out all the Halloween sweets.

9 vegan spam musubi shaped like coffins on a black slate

Vegan Cucumber Tea Sandwiches That Look Like the Ghost Emoji

These ghostwiches are a fun vegan take on classic cucumber tea sandwiches. Besides using vegan cream cheese, they’re also decorated to look like the ghost emoji.

vegan halloween tea sandwiches that look like the ghost emoji

Vegan Ghost Pizza

If you’ve never heard of the spooky vegan, now is the time to check out Sarah’s content. Sarah made this vegan ghost pizza that looks super spookicute. She’s the perfect person to turn to if you’re looking for Halloween content in April. For Sarah, Halloween is all year round.

Vegan pizza that looks like a ghost

Vegan Snake and Spider Stew

My Nightmare Before Christmas recipes always seem to be more like Halloween recipes. Maybe they fall into both categories, depending on the recipe. Vegan snake and spider stew is inspired by 2 songs from Nightmare Before Christmas: one that Oogie Boogie sings and one sang by Lock, Stock, and Barrel. Technically, it’s just my minestrone soup recipe that I decorated to look spooky.

minestrone soup with green noodles and black olive spiders

Lentil Loaf Cupcakes with Mashed Potato Ghosts

These lentil loaf cupcakes are made with all-natural ingredients. They are vegan, gluten-free, and organic. These healthy and savory cupcakes can be made for any occasion. For Halloween and Friday the 13th, I make the mashed potato frosting into ghost shapes.

lentil loaf cupcakes with mashed potato ghosts on top

Jack O Lanterns with Zoodle Brains

I used to love making zoodles. When I made them, twenty years ago, they didn’t even have the name zoodles yet. We still called them zucchini noodles. Yes, I’m old. I’ve seen a lot of zoodles in my time, but these zoodle brains inside jack-o’-lantern peppers by Kelly are the most unique that I’ve seen so far.

Jack O'Lantern Peppers filled with a zoodle brains

Vegan Halloween Dessert Recipes

Halloween Donuts

If you’re looking for cute halloween donuts, you found them! These mini pumpkin spiced donuts have a chocolate coating. The addition of chocolate mickey mouse ears and bat wings make them extra yummy. Bring these to a Halloween party, picnic, or potluck.

holding a mini halloween donut

Vegan Halloween Cake

This vegan 3-layer 6-inch chocolate mint cake is decorated with cute bats. The recipe gives detailed instructions for how to do the buttercream transfer. I gave my bats bows because they’re extra fashionable.

vegan halloween cake with bats all over the sides

Vegan Halloween Heart Cookies

These black heart cookies are made with black cocoa and decorated with spider web icing. The goth core cookies have a rich chocolate cookie flavor. These spookicute cookies are not your average vegan valentines cookies.

holding a vegan black heart cookie with other cookies in the background

Vegan Halloween Ghost Meringues

Veggie Fun Kitchen made these vegan aquafaba meringues and decorated them to look like ghosts.

vegan meringues decorated to look like ghosts

Vegan Halloween Ice Cream Sandwich Bats

These Halloween ice cream sandwiches can be made in any shape or flavor. This recipe uses chocolate cookies and a pumpkin spice ice cream filling. I made mine shaped like bats, but you can make ghosts, pumpkins, coffins, or any Halloween shape you like.

vegan Halloween ice cream sandwiches that look like bats

Vegan Pumpkin Spice Halloween Coffin Cake Wands

If you like pumpkin spice, you’ll love these pumpkin cake wands. They’re shaped like coffins for Halloween, and each cake wand is a serving. The coffins are covered in a black icing and decorated with spooky Halloween designs.

vegan halloween pumpkin cake wands that are decorated to look like coffins

Vegan Halloween Cookies

These vegan Halloween cookies, made by Strength and Sunshine, are allergen-free. If you’re looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan halloween cookie recipe, these Jack-O-Lantern cookies are for you. They even have a surprise filling.

vegan halloween cookies that look like jack-o-lanterns

Vegan Halloween Cake

This vegan Halloween cake is made with mostly organic ingredients. It has layers of chocolate blackberry cake encased in blackberry buttercream frosting. The recipe has instructions for making the cake and the frosting. It also shows you how to make the chocolate bat decorations and the sprinkle stripes.

Purple and black Halloween cake with bat decorations and moon and star sprinkles

Vegan Halloween Cookies that look like Warlock or Witch Hats

These vegan witch hat cookies are a simple Halloween dessert. I recommend them for anyone who doesn’t like to bake. All you need are three ingredients and a microwave.

Vegan Halloween Cookies that look like Warlock or Witch Hats

Vegan Halloween Cupcakes (Ghost Edition)

These vegan Halloween cupcakes, made by Strength and Sunshine, are gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, and allergy-free. (I don’t know about you but these look way more delicious than my allergy pills, haha.) The cupcakes are dark chocolate, and vanilla frosting is piped to look like ghosts.

vegan halloween cupcakes that look like ghosts with eyes

Vegan Halloween Cookies

This is another Nightmare Before Christmas recipe that kind of borders on being either a Halloween recipe or a Christmas recipe. These dark chocolate cookies are decorated to look like skeleton deer.

vegan halloween cookies that look like skeleton deer

Vegan Halloween Truffles

These vegan truffles are filled with chocolate and coconut. The brownie filling is dipped in fair trade chocolate and shaped like a bat.

vegan halloween truffles that look like bats

Vegan Halloween Cupcakes (Vampire Edition)

These vegan Halloween cupcakes, made by Mary Ellen, are gluten-free and vegan. These vanilla cupcakes have a strawberry jam filling that oozes out like blood when you bite into them with your vampire teeth.

vegan halloween cupcakes that look like ghosts with eyes

Vegan Halloween Ice Cream Cone

Some people might think that Halloween is too late in the year for ice cream. But I think ice cream is delicious year-round. This chocolate brownie ice cream is rich and decadent. The recipe has instructions for making chocolate bat wings for turning your ice cream into Halloween ice cream cones.

vegan ice cream cone decorated to look like a bat

Mini Vegan Halloween Cake

This mini vegan halloween cake is perfect for 2-3 people. The addition of black cocoa makes the chocolate layers the perfect color of the night. The purple blackberry buttercream frosting is a delicious complement. Purple and black are my 2 favorite Halloween colors together. vegan mini purple and black Halloween cake

Vegan Halloween Snacks

Spooky Toast

When my kids were little, I used to make them toast with pizza toppings. I called it pizza bread. It was my way of sneaking spinach into their little vegan diets. This Halloween toast from Eating By Elaine reminds me of that. Except Elaine’s toast is way cuter.

vegan toast in the shape of ghosts and spiderwebs

Oil-free Bat Crackers

These vegan Halloween crackers are easy to make at home. The flaky, buttery flavor from the tahini means no oil is needed for this recipe. These bat crackers are a fun addition to school lunches or Halloween party horror d’oeuvres.

dipping black tahini crackers into dip

Vegan Halloween Candy

I have a whole separate post just about vegan Halloween candy, so here’s that list vegan Halloween candy.

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