Healthy Vegan Fridays #21

Healthy Vegan Fridays

Happy Healthy Vegan Friday! Did it all of a sudden get cold where you live? It certainly did here! My co-host Kimmy never thinks it’s cold because she’s from Canada where they wear snowflakes as sweaters apparently. I’m basically trying everything I can to stay warm, which includes lots of time in bed. I might be writing this blog post from bed. Or I could be writing it from an ice fishing trip (if I were someone who was the opposite of me).

If you’re new to Healthy Vegan Fridays, read all about it here.

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Here are the winning recipes that everyone voted for last week!

winner #1: Quinoa Stuffed Eggplants from Vegans Eat Yummy Food too

Wow, these were popular! I’m skeptical about how good they are (not because I don’t think the chef at Vegans Eat Yummy Food Too isn’t good at cooking, but more because I don’t trust eggplant). I will admit that I had some seriously delicious eggplant when I had lunch at Twitter this week, but they must have marinated the shit out of it to make it taste that good!

winner #2: Nutty Coconut Quinoa Porridge from Urban Naturale

I might be able to get myself to eat this if I pretend that this is the kind of porridge that goldilocks and the three bears eat, because that’s cute. Otherwise, this looks wayyyy to healthy for me. I can see why this got so many votes in the healthy vegan fridays competition.

winner #3: Monster Cake & Monster Rice Krispies from Green Gourmet Giraffe

I’m dying of cute overload! These were by far my favorite holiday recipe this Halloween. Monster rice krispie treats! Brilliant! Just make sure you don’t use M&Ms like she did. Skittles are vegan though, and are just as cute (possibly cuter). I wonder if a licorice mouth would be cute too.

Before we see what healthy vegan recipes you all have, I want to know what everyone dressed up as for Halloween! I posted my costume picture in my last HVF post, but I wasn’t super proud of it. I took the easy way out this year and didn’t sew a single part of my costume. Booooring. I know none of you were as boring as I was this year, so if you have time, can you comment with a link to pictures of you dressed up so I can ogle? Mkay, thanks.

It’s time for show and tell! Use the link below to submit your vegan blog post to Healthy Vegan Fridays!

If you have a twitter or instagram account, post a picture of your yummy healthy vegan friday food and tag it with the hashtag #veganfridays.

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