the brand new vegan dollhouse kitchen

Vegan Remodel

A list of everything involved in a kitchen remodel and how to make sure it’s done in a cruelty-free way

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stack of vegan chocolate chip cookies tied with a bow

DIY Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookie Kits

Who wouldn't want to receive an easy-to-assemble vegan chocolate chip cookie baking kit as a gift?

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New Store

I have a new store!

I have a new store on Vegan Dollhouse.

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heart shaped ice cream sandwich

Vegan Valentine's Day Treats in Sacramento

A list of where you can get cute vegan food in the greater Sacramento area on Valentine's Day 2021

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mini field roast corn dogs

Finding Your Vegan Essentials Without Leaving Home

A list of places where you can order vegan staples to avoid going to the grocery store during sheltering-in-place

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galaxy smoothie bowl next to a package of terrasoul acai

Results From My Acai Experiment To Combat Evil PMS

A diary of my experience using acai for my PMS symptoms

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mini vegan burritos

Vegan Meal Prep for a Kitchen Remodel

This thorough vegan menu will help you prepare meals for a period of time without a kitchen.

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Stand With Small Businesses

A list of specialty vegan products you can order directly from small businesses to avoid going to the grocery store during the shelter-in-place order

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vegan mac n cheese kit wrapped in a furoshiki

Vegan Gift Idea

vegan shells and cheese kit wrapped in a furoshiki

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