vegan charcuterie plate with bitchin sauce

Copycat Bitchin Sauce

DIY bitchin sauce is a copycat version of the vegan and gluten-free almond dip you buy at the store.

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vegan strawberry ice cream popsicles

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream Popsicles

When you really want ice cream, but popsicles are cuter, make ice cream popsicles

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colorful vegan potato salad

Vegan Colorful Potato Salad

Why eat ordinary potato salad when you can have colorful potato salad?

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a vegan mini ice cream sundae in a cookie dough cup

Vegan Cookie Dough Sundae

a vegan mini ice cream sundae in an edible cookie dough cup is basically good for the planet haha

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vegan mini rainbow ice cream cakes

Mini Vegan Rainbow Ice Cream Cakes

Mini rainbow ice cream cakes made with vegan vanilla and lemon ice cream

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bowl of steel cut oatmeal with hello kitty chocolates and blueberries

Vegan Instant Pot Steel Cut Oats: Two Ways

steel cut oatmeal is a healthy and easy breakfast idea for anyone with an instant pot

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vegan coffee creamer

Vegan Coffee Creamer

It’s easy to make your own coffee creamer at home, and it’s healthier.

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pastel Easter bunny lollipops

Bunny Lollipops

pastel Easter bunny lollipops made with cereal, vegan marshmallows, and all-natural food coloring

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vegan mint chocolate shake

Vegan Mint Chocolate Shake

This frosty mint milkshake is organic and naturally colored green, making it perfect for St. Patrick’s Day.

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