DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes

DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes

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Making your own vegan sugar cubes is an essential for any tea party. We’ve been doing this for years, and while it’s so easy that it doesn’t need a recipe, I figured I should document it anyway. I can’t take credit for this brilliant idea. We first discovered it at Crown & Crumpet in San Francisco during Jessica’s surprise birthday tea party. They hide a pink and red sugar heart inside each sugar bowl.

You can make them any colors you want, and even make them different flavors. If your tea is a light color, then this might even color your tea!

DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes Ingredients

DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes Directions

Measure ½ cup of sugar into a small bowl.

Add 1 teaspoon of water and mix thoroughly.

Add 3 drops of wilton violet gel color .

Mix until the color is even.

DIY vegan purple sugar

Spoon a heaping teaspoon into each cubby of a silicone mold. I used an ice cube mold.

DIY vegan purple sugar cubes

Set at room temperature for 2 days or until they’re dry and hard.

Remove from molds and bring to your next tea party!

DIY vegan purple sugar cubes


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