vegan pizza donuts

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Donuts

The marriage of my 2 favorite foods, pizza donuts are by far my favorite way to consume pizza.

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Vegan Mini Wreath Cakes

Vegan Mini Wreath Cakes

Chocolate wreath cakes that can hang on the door of a dollhouse.

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Vegan Narwhal Donuts

Vegan Narwhal Donuts

A pastel pastry pod of baked vegan narwhal cake donuts

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vegan chocolate salad cake with galaxy icing

Chocolate Salad Cake

A healthier and cuter version of chocolate zucchini cake

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Vegan Cinnamoroll Donuts

Cinnamoroll Donuts

These Sanrio-inspired treats are featured in a SF bay area dessert cafe zine

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Vegan Doggie Donuts

Doggie Donuts

How much is the doggie donut in the window? Arf arf.

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