Vegan Cheese Hedgehog

Vegan Cheese Hedgehog

Vegan organic cashew cheese ball formed to look like a hedgehog

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Vegan Party Popper Emoji Sushi

Vegan Party Popper Emoji Sushi

Vegan Party Popper Emoji Sushi (aka temaki) is the perfect food to make and eat for any celebratory occasion that could best be described using the party popper emoji.

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Raw Vegan Pizza Crackers

Pizza Crackers

These raw, gluten-free, vegan pizza crackers are whole30 friendly

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Vegan Pizza Pinwheels

Pizza Pinwheels

These vegan Pizza Pinwheels are the new cinnamon roll

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Moss on a log

Moss on a Birch Log

A savory version of ants on a log for the raisin haters

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Artichoke Pate

Artichoke Pâté

Vegan gluten-free artichoke dip is just as yummy and wayyy healthier.

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vegan pizza pockets

Vegan Pizza Pockets

Not a hot pocket. Not a calzone. Let's call it a stuffed pizza pocket.

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