vegan pink heart ravioli

Vegan Pink Heart Ravioli

If you're going to take the time to make ravioli from scratch, you might as well make them cute.

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vegan pizza lollipops

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Lollipops

Is there a cuter way to eat vegan pepperoni pizza than a lollipop? I don't think there is.

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baked seasoned green beans wrapped in crescent rolls

Vegan Green Beans in a Blanket

A way to green beans with your hands -- great item to bring to a holiday gathering (or just a potluck or picnic)

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Mini Vegan Purple Cheesecakes

Mini Vegan Purple Cheesecakes

These Mini Vegan Purple Cheesecakes have a gluten-free dark chocolate crust topped with a sugar-free lemon coconut cashew cheesecake, naturally colored with butterfly pea flowers.

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vegan pizza donuts

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Donuts

The marriage of my 2 favorite foods, pizza donuts are by far my favorite way to consume pizza.

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Vegan elephant dunkaroos

Vegan Dunkaroos

A healthier vegan version of the popular dessert from the 90s

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DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes

DIY Vegan Sugar Cubes

DIY sugar cubes can be made into stars, hearts, or any shape you prefer.

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vegan chocolate covered pretzels

Vegan Chocolate Covered Pretzels

pretzels dipped in chocolate and covered in vegan sprinkles

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Vegan Chocolate Chip Cutout Cookies

Vegan Chocolate Chip Cut Out Cookies

A vegan cut out cookie with chocolate pieces

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