Vegan Air Fryer Omelette Hearts

Vegan Air Fryer Omelettes

Vegan heart-shaped omelettes made in your air fryer

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vegan pizza donuts

Vegan Pepperoni Pizza Donuts

The marriage of my 2 favorite foods, pizza donuts are by far my favorite way to consume pizza.

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Vegan Pizza Pokeball Waffles

Vegan Pizza Pokeball Waffles

vegan pepperoni waffles, topped with vegan cheese and pizza sauce

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vegan hash brown heart waffles

Hash Brown Heart Waffles

vegan hash brown waffles are hash browns cooked in your waffle iron

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Vegan minestrone waffles

Minestrone Waffles

vegan minestrone savory waffles with a tomato dip

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Raw Vegan Pizza Crackers

Pizza Crackers

These raw, gluten-free, vegan pizza crackers are whole30 friendly

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vegan red velvet mini heart cake

Red Velveteen Cake

Vegan Red Velvet mini cakes with cream cheese icing

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Vegan coconut chocolate chip waffles

Vegan Mounds Bar Waffles

Coconut Chocolate Chip Waffles

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Vegan fried mac n cheese hearts

Mac-n-Cheese Hearts

Fried food CAN be cute!

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