If you’ve ever wanted to know what rainbows taste like, you’re in the right place. This colorful collection of plant-based recipes are bursting with vibrant colors and flavors. Each recipe in this section celebrates colors, both bright and pastel.

There’s something for everyone. There are healthy snacks like naturally colored dried apple slices and a less healthy, but delicious rainbow cake. And don’t miss the show-stopping, naturally-colored sushi cake. Or if you’re short on time, indulge in a rainbow salad, drizzled with caesar salad dressing.

For a rainbow side, try fresh baked rainbow bread.

Whether you’re hosting a rainbow-themed party with friends, celebrating pride month, or simply looking to add more color to your plate (and your life) these rainbow recipes have something for you.

vegan heart-shaped mini rainbow cake topped with pink cotton candy

Rainbow Smash Cake

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, pride, birthdays, or any occasion with layers of bright colors and fun, all packed into a mini 6-inch vanilla vegan rainbow smash cake.

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colorful vegan potato salad

Colorful Vegan Potato Salad

Level up an ordinary potato salad with extra dill. And for those special occasions, bring a fun colorful potato salad!

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a spiral of dehydrated rainbow apple chips

Dried Apple Slices

Dried apples, or apple chips, are a healthy snack that’s easy to make in the dehydrator or the oven and a great way to use up extra apples.

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slice of coconut cake from a mini vegan pastel rainbow colored cake

Moist Vegan Coconut Cake Recipe (2 mini layer cakes)

These mini 4-inch vegan coconut cakes are moist and packed full of coconut flavor. They’re the perfect size for a baby smash cake or to bring to a friend.

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stack of mini colored burritos

Colored Tortillas

Homemade tortillas are easy, vegan, and healthier than store bought tortillas. You can also make them organic and colored!

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holding a marble colored vegan conversation heart cookie over a whole bunch of cookies

Colored Marble Cookies

These deliciously soft, pillowy, chewy marble sugar cookies are organic and naturally colored. They’re even lower in sugar than the average sugar cookie recipe.

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vegan spam sushi bake right out of the oven

Vegan Sushi Bake

Level up your weeknight dinners with this quick and easy vegan sushi bake. You’ll never guess what delectable protein is inside!

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a plate of rainbow chocolate chip cookies with a cup of coffee in the background

Vegan Rainbow Cookies

These vegan rainbow cookies are a delicious chocolate chip cookie recipe, but with every color in each cookie. Nobody will realize how easy they were.

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vegan hot dog on a stick wrapped in basket-weaved garlic knot dough with a bite missing

Vegan Garlic Hot Dog Buns (on a stick)

Better than a corn dog, these vegan hot dogs are basket weaved in a colored garlic knot dough, baked in the oven, and served on a stick to brighten your picnics.

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