a plate of sauerkraut hummus with carrots and pretzels

Vegan Hummus Recipe

Making your own hummus is quick, easy, and completely customizable, as proven by this sauerkraut and dill flavored hummus.

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watermelon radish salad

Watermelon Radish Salad

heart-shaped watermelon radishes turn this salad from boring to adoring

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tofu stacked to look like jenga

Teriyaki Tofu

gluten-free, vegan teriyaki tofu stacked in a jenga style for parties or potlucks

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savory butternut squash scones

Savory Butternut Scones

These savory scones can be made with only 5 ingredients and in less than 40 minutes.

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vegan halloween musubi

How to Make Musubi

healthy organic vegan spam musubi that's dressed up for Halloween

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Vegan Starfish Cakes

Vegan Starfish Cakes

These kasha-based starfish cakes are a fun spin on crab cakes. Colored with roasted red pepper, they're gluten-free, oil-free, soy-free, cute, and delicious.

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vegan macaroni and cheese donuts

Vegan Mac n Cheese Donuts

A healthier version of traditional mac n cheese in a cute donut shape

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vegan stuffing

Vegan Stuffing

Just a simple recipe for vegan stuffing that requires no special ingredients or equipment

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baked seasoned green beans wrapped in crescent rolls

Vegan Green Beans in a Blanket

A way to eat green beans with your hands -- great item to bring to a holiday gathering (or just a potluck or picnic)

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