vegan hash brown heart waffles

Hash Brown Heart Waffles

These vegan hash brown waffles are simply hash browns cooked in your waffle iron. They're a delicious addition to any breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner.

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Vegan Bird Nests

Breakfast Bird Nests

The birdies made these breakfast bird nests by carefully crafting their nests out of hashbrowns and filling them with mini vegan sausage eggs.

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Vegan Kale Mushroom frittata

Kale Mushroom Frittata

Gluten-free vegan frittata for brunch

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Vegan Rainbow Bagels

Vegan Rainbow Bagels

These vegan bagels, made with organic ingredients and colored with all-natural dyes, are my way of celebrating pride weekend.

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Vegan coconut chocolate chip waffles

Vegan Mounds Bar Waffles

These vegan mounds bar waffles have coconut and chocolate chips inside. Top them with a chocolate syrup for an even sweeter morning.

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Easter in the summertime smoothie

Easter Smoothie

Reminiscent of a pastel-dyed easter egg, this smoothie incorporates layers of frozen bananas, berries, cherries, and even spinach.

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Vegan minestrone waffles

Minestrone Waffles

vegan minestrone savory waffles with a tomato dip

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vegan chicken & waffle bites

Chicken and Tetris Waffles

Easy bite-sized vegan (Beyond Meat) chicken and waffles

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tofu breakfast baskets

Tofu Breakfast Baskets

How do you bring tofu scramble to a picnic?

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