Do you ever find yourself experiencing a snack attack? It’s a real issue. These snack recipes are the perfect anecdote.

Some days are just too busy to make proper meals. For those days, have some of these tasty treats ready and waiting. From savory (like dill pickle popcorn) to sweet (like peanut butter chocolate pretzels) and everything in between, these recipes are here to save you from becoming hangry.

Whether you’re hosting a movie night with friends, packing snacks for a road trip, or simply looking for a quick and easy bite to eat between meals, these snack recipes have got you covered. Why settle for boring store-bought snacks when you can indulge in a delicious array of homemade treats that are as satisfying as they are irresistible?

2 hello kitty wine glasses with sprinkles on the rim, filled with vegan chocolate shakes

Vegan Milkshake

This vegan chocolate milkshake is ready in less than 5 minutes and can be made sugar-free by omitting the chocolate chips. Make this your new summertime staple.

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vegan charcuterie house

Vegan Charcuterie House

A vegan charcuterie house has all the cuteness and fun of a gingerbread house, but it’s savory like a cheese and cracker charcuterie plate.

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vegan strawberry ice cream popsicles

Vegan Strawberry Ice Cream Popsicles

When you really want ice cream, but popsicles are cuter, make ice cream popsicles

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dehydrated candied orange slices

Dried Orange Slices

These colorful sugar-free dried orange slices are a healthy alternative to candied orange slices.

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vegan bearberry muffins

Bearberry Muffins

vegan muffins filled with wild harvested bearberries and chocolate chips and topped with a streusel crumb topping

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savory vegan scones

Vegan Savory Scones

These savory scones are so versatile that they can be made any flavor in under 40 minutes.

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ladybug bruschetta

Vegan Bruschetta

These ladybug bruschetta are a cuter, lighter, healthier, and less messy version of traditional bruschetta.

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vegan plum muffins

Plum Chocolate Chip Muffins (Pluffins)

vegan muffins with plums and chocolate chips

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a plate of sauerkraut hummus with carrots and pretzels

Vegan Hummus Recipe

Making your own hummus is quick, easy, and completely customizable, as proven by this sauerkraut and dill flavored hummus.

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